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Each year the world's best photographers vie for the Sony World Photography Award. Here's what caught the judges' attention


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German photographer Baerbel Brechtel snapped these horses as they appear to contemplate joining their friends on the other side of the river.

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"The young giraffe came up to me and showed her neck like a in a dance, graceful and pretty," says photographer Inger Rønnenfelt.

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Underwater Gannets

Photographer Tracy Lund travelled to Shetland’s remote headlands to capture this unique shot. "It was an unbelievable experience and one I will never forget," said Lund.

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In A Moment

Thousands of stories are happening around us everyday says photographer Bun Chan from Cambodia. Here he photographs a young boy playing in the water with ducks. "It's important to capture such a moment so in the future we can remember these precious memories,' says Bun.

Sony photography awards



For many years the grey seal has been hunted by humans for their fur and fat, particularly during the 19th century. They disappeared from many regions where they were originally found. Photographer Greg Lecoeur travelled to the Farne Islands in the United Kingdom, where they are protected and are attracting tourists in their droves.

Sony photography awards

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