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Want a weekend that wows? Then switch off the TV and head to the airport. We asked the designers at Lightfoot Travel to give us three amazing mini breaks for people who live in Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore
Escape Singapore…

Go Spearfishing In Lombok

Flight time: 2 hours 45 minutes

If you’ve ever wondered if you could survive on a desert island, here’s your answer – go spearfishing in Lombok. Leave your luggage at Hotel Tugu in Lombok and then take a speed boat out into the ocean to try and catch your own omega 3-packed bounty.


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Escape Hong Kong…

Ride A Vintage Sidecar Around Xian

Flight time: 2 hrs 35 minutes

What could make a trip along the Silk Road more epic? When it’s in a vintage sidecar. Your driver will whisk you along the mountain roads to create your most memorable weekend yet. On the Grand Escapade tour you’ll have the chance to spy the famed Terracotta Warriors, visit a museum created by an ex Red Guard, tour a vineyard and stay in a cave (complete with a few glamorous luxuries, of course). Vintage 4x4 cars are available now and vintage sidecars launch this autumn.


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Escape Dubai…

Go Diving In The Dimaniyat Islands

Flight time: 1 hr 5 minutes

Fly to Muscat, check into the Chedi, then catch a boat the next morning to the white sands and crystal blue waters of the Dimaniyat archipelago. The nine islands are home to sea turtles, migratory birds and even whale sharks. Now that the bird and turtle nesting season has finished, the government will reopen the reef to divers from 1 October.



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