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Take home a souvenir with a difference. 
Decorate Broken China With Gold

While some of us may choose to throw away broken crockery, Japanese artisans choose to save it in the most glamorous way possible – by filling those cracks with gold. You too can learn the art of kintsugi and turn a damaged ceramic into an art piece. During your class you will learn the philosophy behind this unique art from and you will be able to repair your own piece of broken property that you can take home. 


Make Tokyo’s Baccarat

Next time that you throw a dinner party and your friends complement you on your glassware, you could wow them even further by telling them that you made it yourself. You can now follow in the footsteps of the artisans from Edo and learn how to make a piece of Kiriko glass. During your 90-minute class you will learn how to create the curves and grooves that help turn your piece of twinkling glassware into a mini light show. 


Create A Japan Blue Buy

Want to keep your Japanese holiday close to your heart, than learn how to make your own Japan Blue tee. This tie-dyed indigo buy is famous throughout the country. You will be able to hand-dye your ultimate keepsake, by dipping the fabric into buckets of dye coloured with indigo powder. You’ll find out how they manage to create those famous white marks with paper patterns, rubber bans or wax.



japanese lanterns
Design Your Own Paper

The art of Japanese paper making ‘washi’ is so unique it’s on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Made from the inner bark of the gampi tree, mistsumata shrub or mulberry bush, this paper has been used to for origami, umbrellas and to make clothing for Shinto priests. Within an hour long class you will be given the chance to create your own piece of paper that you can then frame to take pride of place in your home. 


Create Candy Animals
For a sweet treat, take a class in Amezaiku - the art of candy making. The skilled craftsmen are famed for shaping molten candy into such intricate shapes as goldfish, birds and pandas. During your course you will learn how to make your own animal candy lollipop by pulling, cutting and fashioning it into shape. After you have shaped your finish piece, you will then paint on the finishing touches with food colouring. We can't guarantee that this edible treat will make it all the way back home. It's too delicious. 
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