Paula Miqueslis, Co-Founder of Green Is The New Black and The Conscious Festival says how you can be a little greener when you fly

Whether it’s for work or wanderlust, one of the easiest ways to mitigate the impact of a trip is through carbon offsetting. So after you have bought your sunscreen, packed your bikini, check that you have done your carbon offset. This little green step is one that anyone can take to make a big difference. Here are a few of my favourite carbon offsetting programmes that will help make your next big adventure more sustainable.


Climate Force

Climate Force is an organisation that aims to reduce 360 million tonnes of CO2 before 2025. Founded by explorer Barney Swan, it focuses on small changes to everyday actions, which echoes our #LittleGreenSteps philosophy. It works with multiple partners on land, water, and air restoration initiatives. But the easiest way to offset your carbon is to contribute to its partnership with One Tree Planted, an organisation that has planted more than 2.5 million trees since being founded in 2014.


Eco Matcher

Eco Matcher is an excellent platform that allows businesses to adopt a few trees or plant a complete forest. Using its genius tree-tracker, you can view your tree in the wild, see its precise location, and even see the farmer who planted it. It's a great initiative that allows you to offset while you work, practice sustainability all year round, and feel less eco-anxious when you take that well-deserved break.


Carbon Care Asia

Carbon Care Asia supports carbon offset projects through purchasing carbon credits in renewable energy and resource conservation projects. To date, it has cut 20.6 million tonnes of CO2 and improved life for 16.5 million people through its projects of safe water, clean cooking, solar power, sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and forestry. I love that it helps communities and helps the planet; two birds, one stone and all that.



If you've ever wondered what your carbon footprint is, check out Terrapass and its handy carbon calculator. Use it to find out exactly how much carbon your lifestyle is emitting through your vehicle, public transport, home energy, and air travel consumption. It will provide you with a figure so you know exactly how much you should be offsetting to net-zero your carbon emissions. Then you can scroll through its sustainability projects and choose how you'd like to offset.

Choose your airline wisely

Several international airlines (Qantas, KLM and Air New Zealand for example) now offer their own reputable carbon offsetting programmes. Why not add a donation to the cost of your flight when booking? If you're starting to test the waters with carbon offsetting, this is the easiest way to start building a new sustainable habit.


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