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Your perfect travel buddies

Winner of Apple iPhone App of the year this app will help you learn a new language while you’re on the plane. Thanks to the gamification aspect of Duolingo, don’t be surprised if it becomes an addiction – particularly when you see your name on the leader board.



This jetlag-beating app will help you touch down after your long-haul flight feeling fresh as a daisy. Timeshifter works on your circadian rhythms rather than jugs of coffee.


Monument Tracker

If you want to make a stroll through the city more entertaining or keen to know what your taxi has just whizzed past, download Monument Tracker. It will activate an instant discovery and highlight the heritage building that you are about to pass so that you can take a second look. You will be busy in the UK, which is filled with Downton Abbey locations.

Highclere Castle Downton Abbey



Whether you want to know if it’s a day for kitesurfing in Spain or if the pollen count is rising in France and you need to take your hayfever meds, this is the app for you. WeatherBug doesn’t just tell you if it’s sunny outside, it’s tells you about the humidity, storm warnings and wind. Also useful to have if you need a conversation starter with someone from the UK. They love talking about the weather.


Google Maps

Download these before you go and you don’t have to worry about grabbing a passerby on their morning commute with a “Excuse me” or “Ou est”? 

The Lightfoot Team travels to Europe at least once a year and can recommend only the best properties, restaurants and other little hidden finds. Let us help you experience Europe’s unique charms with a tailor-made itinerary that suits you. Enquire now!

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