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If you need to get away from it all, take your luggage to one of these holiday hideaways

This private island hotel comes with a snow room, a mini submarine and a restaurant that’s run by a Michelin-starred chef. We bet that Tom Hanks and Wilson wished that they got washed up here


INDONESIA: Bawah Reserve

Well, when we say island – we mean islands. This barefoot chic hotel is spread over a mini archipelago of six tropical islands. Just 70 people at one time have the chance to trek through the forests, relax on the beaches and take a dip in the cerulean sea. So that’s just 11.6 people per island. Definitely enough room to throw your towel down then.



A happy go lucky couple bought two tiny islands off the coast of Cambodia and turned them into a resort, eco marine park and foundation. This place is special from top to toe. From the thatched cottages that overlook the ocean to the nights you can go swimming in sparkling bioluminescent water. Bliss.

song saa

MALAYSIA: Cempedak

This is what we imagine Robinson Crusoe’s home would look like if he called in the decorators. Set among the lush island landscape you’ll find these state-of-the-art bamboo villas. Take a dip in your villa pool that’s filled with sea water. Or take a walk along the beach. In the evening you can also climb aboard kelong (floating pontoon) for sundowners with a difference.



The cerulean waters of the Philippines play home to the island of Pamalican and the resort of Amanpulo. You’ll love it for its 5km long white beach and its private pool villas, which each come with a private chef and butler.


FIJI: Laucala Island

A tropical island owned by the co-founder of Red Bull? It has to be the ultimate adventure. Laucala Island gives you every opportunity to get your adrenalin fix. Hike through the jungle to secluded waterfalls, go on a horseback rides across the beach or take one of its 14 boats out for a sail around the island. If you were in any doubt what an adventure playground Laucala Island is, one part of it is called Jurassic Park. Exactly.


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