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Take to the water and see our favourite continent in style 
Silolona: The Galapagos Of Indonesia
Set sail on Silolona, a new chic and sleek vessel inspired by the spice island ships from times gone by. The captain will take you to more off-the-grid destinations including the Flores archipelago, known for its colourful coral gardens, and Cenderawasih Bay, called ‘The Galapagos of Indonesia’s Reefs’. You will also be able to take a smaller boat up the river and visit the villages of the indigenous people who inhabit the islands and live as they have done for centuries. 
Sleeps 10 to 12.




Rascal: Exploration Voyages With Naturalists 

Climb aboard this state-of-the-art teak yacht that takes guests Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat and Java. Rascal is known for creating unique voyages, including pop-up island dinners and surfing trips. But now it has also joined with Conservational International to offer an Exploration Series. Voyages include a trip to Sumba or West Papua where you can join the scientists as they tag manta rays or survey the reef. The marine biologists who work with Rascal have already discovered two new species. The team will be launching more yachts to join the fleet in 2020.
Sleeps 8.

Mischief: Styled By A Fashion Designer 
This floating palace that launched in 2016 will take you around the Indonesian archipelago and drop anchor in an array of idyllic bays. The Mischief cruises around Bali, Lombok, the Gili Islands, Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat. The crew include a cruise host, private chef and dive master. If you want to get closer to the shore, you can always hop onto the yacht’s laser dinghies, windsurfer or SUP.
Sleeps 6 to 8.





Lotus: Explore Kerala’s Waterways

Climb aboard a two-cabin rice barge and cruise along the less travelled backwaters of Kerala. During your two night cruise along the Tejaswini River you will be able to spy tropical wildlife, discover sleepy villages and visit Indian artisans. You can also visit a temple that dates back to 800 AD before you finish your journey at the Sultan Canal, constructed in the 18th century by Tipu Sultan ‘the Tiger of Mysore’.
Sleeps 4.

The Lotus


Dunia Baru: Your Pick Of Dive Sites

Wake up to a new view each morning when you sail upon the Dunia Baru. This luxury yacht features seven cabins and sails around the 17,000 islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago and find calm, dive spots that their guests can enjoy. The yacht also has four dive tenders so the team can offer multiple dive sites to its guests. You can also go hiking on some of the lush islands and stop by sea gypsy villages. The Dunia Baru team work hard to give back to the community. They have built a learning centre and library in Raja Ampat and they also teach the locals how to run homestays. The team also took the boat to Lombok following the earthquake to help with the relief effort. 
Sleeps 14.
Dunia Baru
Kudanil Explorer: Bespoke Surf Trips

Once upon a time the Kudanil Explorer used to ferry supplies to oil rigs, now it has been converted into a luxury yacht. If you don’t want to charter a yacht, you can book a cabin on this spacious ship. This doesn’t mean that it will be any less glamorous. Each ship features a spa, library, three custom yachts for diving and the luxury surf company Topic Surf is in talks to organise bespoke surf trips for guests. If you don’t want to get wet, you can spy the marine life from one of the ship’s transparent kayaks.
Sleeps 16.

Kudanil Explorer


Nauka Vilas: A Boat Just For Two

Want to tick the Ganges off your bucket list? Then how about sailing down this river on the new Nauka Vilas that features just one cabin for two people. The team think of everything, including providing Mandarin speaking guides. 
Sleeps 2.

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