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No surprise that when it comes to unique things to do Colombia doesn’t disappoint
Ciudad Perdida

This lost city is believed to have been founded 650 years early than Machu Picchu. The site can only be accessed by climbing 1,200 stone steps through the dense Colombia jungle.


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El Penon De Guatape

Declared a national monument in 1940, this rock was first climbed in 1954. Visitors can now use the unique winding staircase that clings to the side of the rock, and enjoy a refreshment at the cafe that is now found at the top. But you won’t want to rush back down because the views of the surrounding countryside are said to be epic.


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Salt Cathedral Of Zipaquira

This dramatic cathedral can be found in salt mines in Bogota, which lie 200 metres below ground. This isn’t just for the tourists as 3,000 people venture down into the mines to attend a service here each week.



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Tatocoa Desert

Head to the Tatocoa Desert to embrace the Colombian wilderness, surreal desert landscapes and enjoy some of the most incredible stargazing moments.


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Cocora Valley

The valley is now part of a national park that has been created to stop the wax palm from becoming extinct. Within the valley you can go horseback riding, whitewater rafting and trout fishing, or go trekking and then enjoy a swim in one of the rivers.


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