Travel in a time of coronavirus

Coronavirus update
The entire world has been affected by Covid-19. The coronavirus has had a huge impact on each sector in the travel industry and Lightfoot Travel is constantly monitoring the developments with regard to travel restrictions and travelling responsibly once more. To provide reassurance to those interested in travelling during this difficult period, or thinking about travel in the future, we have highlighted some helpful reference points below.  We understand how confusing this situation is, and that there are many questions that need answering, so we’ve also created a definitive Covid-19 Travel Q&A page where we respond to your most pertinent travel questions. In addition, we are regularly updating worldwide travel restrictions and border entry requirements here to further assist with your travel plans. 

As always, Lightfoot Travel will continue to make the wellbeing of all our guests our priority. We look forward to a time when restrictions are eased and we can explore the world safely again. Until then, if you have any further queries that are not answered below or on our dedicated Covid-19 Travel Q&A page, do not hesitate to contact us.
Our approach
The Lightfoot Travel Group operates out of several jurisdictions, each with their own governing body who issue individual travel advisories. We evaluate these closely and ultimately, they determine our approach to a travel destination. To supplement this information, we have a network of in-country agents who deliver first-hand updates regarding the situation on the ground. Below are links to the regional governmental advisory bodies:
Situations where your governing body does not advise against travel to your holiday destination
Lightfoot Travel will continue to operate your holiday and advise that you continue to monitor any updates regarding your trip. If you wish to postpone your trip or change your destination, please contact your Lightfoot Travel Designer who will discuss your options in more detail. Should you wish to cancel your trip, this will be as per the terms and conditions of the booking form. Should cancellation be your preferred option we would strongly advise you to contact your travel insurance company to check whether you can claim for any costs.
Situations where your governing body advises against travel to your holiday destination
If you are due to travel imminently your Travel Designer will be in touch with you to discuss your options. These will include postponing your holiday and changing destination. If you are due to travel but further in the future, we will continue to monitor government advice. Whilst travel restrictions are currently in place there is the possibility that these may be lifted in advance of your departure date.
Further information
Should you require more specific advice regarding your holiday please contact your Lightfoot Travel Designer directly, or alternatively email