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Born in the UK and having grown up in the USA and Spain, Christina was destined to work in travel from an early age. Travelling is her passion, and over the past 15 years she has ventured to almost 100 countries – practising her second passion in life, yoga - in many of them! 

Wherever she goes, Christina enjoys learning about and experiencing local healing practises and holistic treatments and has tried everything from Ayurveda to gong bathing.

Christina worked for several leading UK travel companies before travelling to North India where she undertook an intensive Yoga Teaching course. Next came a move to Singapore where she worked as a professional yoga teacher before joining Lightfoot Travel as their Head of Wellness. 

Away from her desk you’ll find her exploring Asia; from the backstreets of Jiufen to trekking with the Red Dao hilltribes of Sapa to sleeping in monasteries in Koyasan. And yes, all adventures happen in exercise gear! This way she can continue her practice whilst gaining an extensive travel knowledge to share with her guests.

Tina 's Picks

  • Foodie Experience: Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid - As a huge advocate of healthy and vegetarian food, I believe that eating should invoke all the senses. Madrid’s Mercado de San Miguel (San Miguel’s Market) is a full sensory encounter as you weave your way past stall after stall offering traditional Spanish cuisine and produce (think Paella, Manchego and Rioja). Nishiki Market in Kyoto comes a close second.
  • Yoga Experience: Nepal - The beauty of yoga is that it can be done anywhere, but for me the most memorable place I have practised is at a hillside Retreat overlooking Lake Pokhara in Nepal where I was the only guest. I spent a week alone practising three times a day with no distractions – bliss! 
  • Country: Georgia - The whole of the Caucasus region is totally underrated, but Georgia in particular is a hidden gem. Tbilisi is a centuries-old melting pot of cultures with incredible buildings, arts and culture whilst the Georgian countryside varies from lush wine growing regions to magnificent snow-capped mountains dotted with fascinating ruins and history.