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Nikki was born in Seattle, raised in Hong Kong, went to university in Boston and London, and has spent her time post-university in and out of mainland China. She can’t help it, she loves to move around! From scuba diving in the Philippines and mountain climbing in Japan, to working in one of Mother Teresa’s orphanages in Calcutta – growing up in Hong Kong exposed her to travel at an early age.

After spending five years at CNN, Nikki moved to Beijing where she worked as a freelance video producer, before returning to Hong Kong and starting her Lightfoot Travel career.

Like the rest of her colleagues, nothing gets her more excited than hitting that “purchase flight” button and having her next holiday in the bag!

Nikki 's Picks

  • Road Trip: San Francisco to Los Angeles, USA - Cruising down Highway 1 is like something out of an old movie. The coastline is one of the most beautiful in the United States, and make sure to stop by Big Sur Bakery for a fried green tomato and mozzarella sandwich - incredible!
  • Train Journey: Kandy to Ella, Sri Lanka - Nothing beats sitting in the open doorways of the old, colonial train as it slowly winds its way up through Sri Lanka's Hill Country. The temperatures change, tea pickers wave as you pass by - it's my favourite train journey in the world!
  • Country: China - This country brings out so many emotions (both good and bad!), but overall it's a gorgeous place with wonderful people, and I can't wait to explore more of it.