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Born and raised in Johannesburg, Matt’s passion for all things nature and travel began from an early age. Growing up, family vacations revolved around self-drive holidays across southern Africa, exploring wildlife-rich nature reserves and rugged mountainous regions, and driving along the desolate Namibian coastline.

An engineer by training and an aspiring photographer, Matt longed for a change in direction and jumped at the opportunity to join the travel industry. Initially, he worked with another luxury tour operator in Singapore specialising in African safaris, where he had the chance to self-drive through the Kruger National Park, getting charged by elephants on foot in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania along the way.

Since moving to Singapore a number of years ago, Matt’s thirst for adventure and new experiences has led him further afield; from trekking through the Indonesian rainforests in search of the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan to exploring the legendary Galapagos Islands.

Matt 's Picks

  • Hotel: Lamai Serengeti, Tanzania - Set amidst the Kogakuria Kopje hills in the northern Serengeti, Lamai Serengeti is the ultimate ecoluxury bush lodge. Its elevated position atop a rocky outcrop offers incredible panoramic views overlooking the Mara Valley, and it's a brilliant location from which to witness the Great Migration from July to October.
  • Memory: Galapagos - Growing up watching David Attenborough documentaries and reading of Charles Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’, cruising through the Galapagos Islands fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine. Walking past wild animals with no fear (or any regard whatsoever!) of people was like nothing I’ve experienced, not to mention witnessing evolution firsthand as species change from island to island.
  • Road Trip: Ring Road, Iceland - Self-driving across Iceland’s ever-changing landscapes is unforgettable. Passing lush green valleys, kaleidoscopic glacial lagoons, rugged lava fields and thundering waterfalls on a daily basis is hard to beat!