Jan’s career in travel started straight after university when she took on a travel specialist role for a US-based online agency. After some time with the company, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came up and she leapt at the chance to live in the Maldives for a year, working in sales for a selection of luxury resorts there.

Wanting to be closer to her home in the Philippines, Jan moved to Singapore where she resumed work in the travel industry handling corporate clients for the next five years. Now at Lightfoot Travel, she has the chance to do what she loves best – helping her clients plan unforgettable holidays (and also travelling quite a bit herself!).

Jan’s Picks
  • Restaurant: SeoRae MaEul in Seoul - This Korean barbecue serves the most mouth-watering meats grilled to perfection with the freshest side dishes I have ever tasted. I totally recommend!

  • Beach: Maldives -  Any beach in the Maldives will do - they are all outstanding! I love how each resort sits on its own island, providing guests with an added element of privacy and exclusivity.

  • Memory: A sole backpacking trip through Europe - There's little in life that is as exhilarating and confidence-boosting as setting off into the unknown by yourself. On the road I met some unforgettable people that made the trip that little bit more special.
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