Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca

Discover Lake Titicaca with a luxury tour from Lightfoot Travel, where our Peru specialists will design your own highly personalised adventure itinerary through the Andes.

Over 3,800 metres above sea level on the high plateaus of the Andes (“Altiplano”), lies the world’s highest navigable lake. Lake Titicaca is a vast and beautiful expanse of navy blue, shimmering under the South American sun. Landlocked by Bolivia and Peru, it’s one of only twenty ancient lakes in the world, thought to have been in existence for over three million years.

Northwest to southeast it stretches for 190km and is 80km wide at its broadest point. 25 rivers feed into its 8,300 square kilometres. Or to put it in simple terms; it’s a gigantic body of water, and a wonderful setting for lots of activities on your luxury tour. Island-hopping, sailing and catamaran trips are popular, as well as kayaking, hiking and biking around the lake.

The setting is as serene as the water itself, unless the weather changes and the lake mirrors a scene of pure drama unfolding in the sky above. Yet usually this is a placid lake where traditional reed boats float gently on the current, beneath the watchful gaze of colossal snowcapped mountains and ancient glaciers.

Verdant forested islands pepper a mystical watery landscape, hundreds of years since it was a sacred place for the Incans. Some of the largest, Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna still harbour ruins dating back 500 years. The island of Taquile has a number of pre-Incan ruins. Surrounding the lake are lush valleys and farmlands, where a traditional way of life is still often observed.

When booking a luxury tour of Lake Titicaca with Lightfoot Travel, you’ll receive impartial advice on the most suitable lakeside hotels and tours for your needs.

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