Buenos Aires & The Pampas

Buenos Aires & The Pampas

Birthplace of the Tango, Argentina's natural dance, this city is full of characters all living in small, village-type areas. Lightfoot recommends staying in the leafy Palermo Soho District with its quaint, cobbled streets, quirky restaurants and chic boutiques right on your doorstep.

In contrast, the imposing Recoleta District has a European feel with Parisian-style avenues and elegant grandeur. The up-and-coming La Boca is extremely vibrant and colourful with tango dancing in the streets, and this is where our Lightfooters feel most alive! Explore the local dance halls with Argentinian friends, and who knows, you might even get swept away in an ‘Evita’-style romance. The Argentinians are well-known for their passion and persistance!

It is also worth popping into Uruguay for the day – Colonia del Sacramento is just over the Rio de la Plata and is great to explore.

The Pampas by contrast are famed for their never-ending grasslands. Pop into the many ranches and chill with the gauchos – Argie cowboys. Gallop across the grasslands in your sheepskin saddle and try your best to keep up with them (and stay on!)

Lightfoot Travel creates tailor-made itineraries to Buenos Aires, The Pampas and throughout Argentina. Our travel designers have explored the region, sampled the activities, and stayed at the properties we use. So when we make a recommendation, you can trust that it’s based on firsthand experience.

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