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Our favourite experiences in Shiraz & Southern Iran

Although only a short flight from Tehran, you feel as if you’ve been transported to a different world when arriving in Shiraz.

The people are just as friendly and the food just as tasty (although Shirazians would disagree), but the pace slows down and the sun shines brighter providing a welcome reprieve from the more hectic and cosmopolitan capital. The whole city is encompassed by impressive mountains housing prehistoric caves and the ruins of castles dating back thousands of years.

Shiraz is also a great hub for exploring the surrounding area where there are plenty of activities for the more adventurous traveller, such as living amongst the Nomads and their flocks of sheep in the mountains, as well as exploring the ancient city of Persepolis and the royal tombs at Necropolis.

Lightfoot recommends: whilst not everyone will be inviting you around their house for lunch or dinner, it is not uncommon for people to do so and our advice is to absolutely take them up on their kind offer. It will be the highlight of your trip.