Goa is Asia’s original beachy backwater – a slow paced sliver of tropical perfection on the Arabian Coast. What is it about Goa that attracts 2 million visitors each year – the golden sand? The warm glittering waters? Visit this unique and irrepressible coastal state and find out!

Goa’s unusual history has shaped everything from its architecture to its cuisine to and laid-back attitude. Ruled by the Portuguese for almost 500 years, the state remains very different to the rest of India with old Catholic churches blending in among Hindu temples.

This unusual mix is reflected even more in Goa’s world-famous fiery cuisine, which blends Portuguese ingredients like vinegar and chilli with local coconut milk and seafood. Delicious!

But of course, it’s the wonderful golden beaches that pull travellers from all over the globe – Goa has 100km of beach! We’ll have you staying in a luxury beach hotel with private stretch of sands, but if feel like exploring the coast, you’ll discover hidden coves, bustling local beaches lined with markets, party beaches and untouched stretches of palm-lined tranquility. Patnem beach and Mandrem are our two of our favourite gems on the coast.

Certainly some of the best beach life and happy (sometimes hippy) go lucky culture is what draws a lot of tourism to Goa. Yet the secret lure however is its heritage, the bountiful nature and wildlife and aura of serenity.

Lightfoot Travel’s highly experienced consultants design amazing tailor-made luxury holidays to Goa using their own travels as inspiration. Contact us to speak to a real Goa expert!

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