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Our portfolio of the world’s best gorilla trekking holidays can bring you face-to-face with endangered mountain gorillas, emerging from dense mist in their natural rainforest environment.

The Virunga Mountains are the epicentre for gorilla trekking trips. Nestled between Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the remote, volcanic ranges are home to around 480 mountain gorillas – more than half the world’s entire population.

Experience a wilderness adventure like no other from the comfort of luxury eco-lodges, sensitively built in the heart of the rainforest. As well as gaining a complete time-out from the outside world, you’ll observe the habitat of mountain gorillas on thrilling treks, guided by experienced local trackers.

There’s nothing that can compare to hiking through unspoiled rainforest, alive with birdcalls, butterflies and chimpanzees, and coming across a family of silverback gorillas. Trekkers have the privilege of observing the gorilla’s behaviour and daily rituals – playing, feeding, bathing and raising their young.

Why book a safari with Lightfoot Travel?


Many of the Lightfoot team have grown up or worked in the best safari countries in Africa. Thanks to their first-hand experience, we have access to the best guides and top wildlife locations.


As our Africa experts are lucky enough to have called Africa home, we travel there a few times a year and are constantly building and nurturing relationships with our on-the-ground contacts.


Lightfoot Travel has a deep personal interest in wildlife, nature and conservation, and we are proud to be a responsible travel company who are wholly dedicated to supporting responsible suppliers only.

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