Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland

The land of ice palaces and the Aurora Borealis, we like to think of Lapland as somewhere where reality takes a break – an enchanting frozen world that can really snatch your breath away.

North of the Arctic Circle, Swedish Lapland is a rising luxury travel destination for families and couples as well as adventurous explorers! It’s home to cozy luxury lodges and boutique ice hotels, national parks that are a deep green in summer and frosty blue in winter and the nomadic Sami people, while one of the biggest surprises is the delightful food.

Typically, our luxury tours are customised to our client’s desires and include activities like husky mushing, snowmobiling, reindeer-sledding and of course Northern Lights safaris. Our insider tip? Take a husky sled into the Luleå backcountry. Racing across solid lakes as you pass through frozen tundra by the evening light, is one of those spine tingling once-in-a-lifetime moments you’ll never forget.

From there you can slip into the neighbouring region of Norrbotten, Sweden’s cultural melting pot. Norrbotten often feels like a living museum, home to a mix of Sami, Kven, Finnish and Swedish people. Their ancestral dialects, and the charming 15th Century UNESCO heritage church town of Gammelstad are still beautifully preserved. The wondefully unique Treehouse in Norrbotten is one of our all-time favourite properties!

We also love Abisko National Park’s Aurora sky station. A chairlift ascent gives you the opportunity to spot some arctic wildlife and view otherworldly snowscapes, before watching the Northern Lights dance black skies. It’s a moment of complete escapism. As for the food, ever tried golden caviar? Arctic Char caught an hour before serving? Bear steak? Cloudberry parfait? Delicious!

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