Luxury Family Holidays in France

Luxury Family Holidays in France

From the iconic architecture of Paris to the sun-drenched Riviera, the crisp mountain air of the Alps to its magnificent chateaux, France has a reputation for elegance, beauty and romance. But France also holds a strong appeal for luxury family holidays.

In Paris children will love exploring the wide boulevards, watching street entertainers from sprawling pavement cafes, playing in verdant Parisian parks, and getting creative in museums.

Self-drive tours are a wonderful way of exploring the diverse country together, experiencing the lives of French kings in grand chateaux, staying in zoos and discovering new and rare animals, and getting sticky fingers sampling French patisseries at vibrant markets.

For beaches, the Cote d’Azur features stunning sands and secluded coves, ideal for exploring on a private yacht. Active families will adore the healthy mountain air and magnificent views of the Alps, whether skiing in winter or walking and cycling in summer.

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