Welcome to the wine capital of the world! Bordeaux, often referred to in French as La Belle Endormie (‘Sleeping Beauty’) is currently enjoying cultural renaissance and is, of course, home to world-class vineyards and wineries in France

The city centre of Bordeaux is a booming, cosmopolitan hub and beautiful enough to earn itself a place on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The pure romanticism of strolling down the banks of Garonne and gazing out on the Place de la Bourse would make anyone feel like a star in a French love story. The city’s historic district of St. Michel is filled with quaint shops, cafes and restaurants, but above all the beautiful Eleche St. Michel tower.

Ascend to the top of Frances second tallest medieval tower for a breathtaking panoramic shot of Bordeaux. Venture out from the centre and you’ll stumble upon old-world antique markets, galleries and hip bars in the Chartron neighbourhood.

Pushing further out of the city is where you’ll discover the true essence of Bordeaux. There are 57 wine appellations and thousands of Chateaux in the surrounding region. Medoc is a popular destination famed for its Chateaux as Lafite, Latour and Margaux. Saint Emilion is another excellent choice to sip the finest wine and marvel at the ancient architecture.

The Lightfoot Travel consultants enjoy a drop of fine Bordeaux once in a while, especially amongst the winding cobbled streets of this historic city. Whether you’re planning a wine tour or a cultural trip, our team will design the perfect luxury itinerary for you with the all the details covered. Cheers!

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