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COVID-19 : Your Coronavirus Travel Questions Answered

The travel intel you need in a time of Covid-19

1. What are Lightfoot Travel doing to keep on top of the Covid-19 situation?

Our expert team liaise with our local partners around the world on a daily basis.  We have the most up-to-date information on issues such as which regions are opening up for travel, which hotels have shown flexibility with postponements and which hotels are going above and beyond in terms of cleanliness. We have also been monitoring which operators have been treating their staff the most humanely during this difficult time. As situations constantly change, we are continually updating our knowledge in order to help you make the most informed decision on travelling safely and responsibly once more.

2. Why should I book through a travel agent instead of directly through hotels or local suppliers?

During this period of uncertainty, having someone you trust looking out for you and being easily contactable is key, both for your peace of mind and for your wellbeing. Unlike specific hotels or local suppliers, Lightfoot Travel has strong relationships with our partners, who are the best in the business, and we strive to negotiate effectively on every detail that will make your holiday extra special. Your chances of flexibility and added perks will be higher with Lightfoot Travel than booking directly yourself. As a boutique travel company offering a highly personalised service, we also pride ourselves on being there for you long after booking has taken place. Should you need assistance at any time, our Travel Designers are available 24/7 to assist with problems that should arise.

3. What happens if I book a holiday, but get stuck overseas due to a second Coronavirus outbreak?

Crucially, if you book with Lightfoot Travel you will not be alone. In the event that something happens while you’re overseas, you will have our team of experienced and reliable Travel Designers and Senior Management at your disposal. We will be on hand to offer unwavering support, advice and reassurance, and will work around the clock to ensure that you have what you need to return home safely if that is your end goal. We are also well versed on the best hospitals around the world, and where to go in the case of emergencies in every country, so can quickly and confidently recommend a course of action.

4. When travel restrictions are eased will hotels and airlines offer big discounts?

While big discounts may seem logical to entice travellers back, the fact is that tour guides, drivers and anyone working in the tourism industry will have endured many months of virtually no income. In terms of hotels, you will likely find that many properties are experiencing high occupancy for the second half of 2020 and into 2021 due to guests who had to postpone their trip at the beginning of this year due to Covid-19. As for flights, we may lose several airlines in the aftermath of the coronavirus which will result in surviving airlines having a monopoly on routes which will also likely result in higher prices.

5. What happens if I book with Lightfoot Travel and cannot travel due to travel restrictions that arise post-booking?

Being a luxury tour operator, we have a distinct advantage over mainstream agents in that we work with a small handful of partners in each of the countries we operate in. We have close relationships with these partners and are thus able to offer terms and conditions that are flexible, therefore enabling you to book with confidence and the knowledge that your payment is safe should you not able to travel as scheduled. Be reassured that Lightfoot Travel will secure the best possible conditions before confirming your booking allowing you to adapt your travel plans as necessary. Your Travel Designer will be there every step of the way to help you with any changes needed.

6. What can I do about travel insurance?

We are not able to advise about specific travel insurance, however, please do raise the question to your Travel Designer who can outline the minimum requirements needed for your destination.

7. When lockdowns abate and borders slowly re-open, will it actually be a good time to go anywhere?

This is hard to answer because everyone’s personalities and travel preferences are different. We at Lightfoot Travel will never actively promote travel to areas that we deem to be unsafe in regards to the spread of Covid-19, regions that are at risk of border closures, or advocate travel when our guests are moving across borders and could potentially cause an outbreak or put local communities at risk. However, when countries manage to contain the spread of coronavirus, flights are resumed, hotels begin re-opening and life in general returns to some semblance of “normal”, we will start to reintroduce promotion to select countries.

8. But I’m really craving travel! Where should I be keeping an eye on?

We aren’t going to wake up one day and find the world has universally deemed it okay to travel, and the decision to venture out once more will be very much up to the individual. For those who do decide to travel soon after restrictions are eased you will likely find hotspots empty of tourists and hotels more or less to yourself. Imagine wandering amidst Egypt’s pyramids with few tourists in sight or walking along the Great Wall alone. Beating the crowds will certainly have its advantages, but together we will weigh the pros and cons and help you make an informed decision.

9. How do I protect myself on a flight?

No measures are failsafe, but below is our list of recommended actions to best protect yourself (and those around you) on a flight:

-        Wear a mask at all times

-        Reduce your consumption of food and drink, which in turn will reduce the need to remove your mask. If it is a long haul flight and eating and drinking is necessary, bring your own in order to avoid using airline trays, dishes and cutlery

-        As soon as you are seated wipe down your tray table and arm rests with antibacterial wipes

-        Decline the use of airline pillows and blankets

-        After using the restroom wash hands thoroughly, use a tissue to open and close the bathroom door and clean your hands again with antibacterial gel once seated

-        Check the flight loading prior to boarding and opt for an empty row of seats if possible

10. Which websites should I check for the best travel advice?

Click here for Lightfoot Travel’s round-up of the latest travel regulations, border updates and guidance from specific countries around the world.