Northern Territories

Our pick of the best experiences in the Northern Territories

The Northern Territories of Australia offer a wide range of spectacular scenery ranging from national parks and floodplains in the top half of the state; to big, open, dusty red plains, and the large sandstone formation known as Ayers Rock (Uluru), further down.

There are endless interesting aboriginal heritage sites in this region, including mazes of caves and incredible rock art – some dating back 50,000 years. Nearer the coast you can experience some of the best game fishing in the world alongside opportunities to see marine life such as dugongs (a manatee-type marine mammal), dolphins and sea turtles. Look out for a ‘salty’ (salt water crocodile) near Darwin. 

No trip to the Northern Territories would be complete without an authentic Australian ‘barbi’. We recommend combining this with stargazing with an expert who can point out all the constellations that can be seen from the Southern hemisphere.

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