The Farm at San Benito

The Farm at San Benito
The Farm at San Benito Philippines

Set in beautiful jungle surroundings, The Farm at San Benito is a hybrid holistic-medical retreat that effortlessly spans both areas of wellness with equal care and efficiency. 

With an impressive array of health and wellness professionals on hand, guests are rest assured that The Farm’s spa programmes are top-notch. Health Optimisation programmes focus on detox, weight-loss and Holistic wellness, and there are lighter options ideal for first timers. More intensive Cellular Health programmes dive into the underlying causes of chronic health issues, and assessments of individual predispositions to certain illnesses are carried out. Specific cell biology programmes are also available which focus on sleeping better, reducing stress and improving athletic performance. 

As a part of a stay, full board meals from Alive! Restaurant are included. The visually stunning vegan and raw-food dishes are all packed with nutrients as well as being delicious.

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Why we recommend The Farm at San Benito

“A stay at The Farm promises to be truly transformative, thanks to their programmes focused on providing long term health solutions that you can keep working once you leave. The food Alive! restaurant is especially good, renouncing any perceptions that vegan food is bland and boring. There are some amazing group activities available every day; I especially recommend giving the Qigong a try!”

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