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The Amanjiwo overlooks mystical Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary, and rests within a natural amphitheatre boasting a picturesque backdrop of the Menorah Hills. 

Amnanjiwo’s main building is framed by 36 suites set in two graceful crescents around the central Rotunda. The suites feature terrazzo flooring, high ceilings, domed roofs and a thatched pavilion with a daybed for relaxing. Interiors include a four-poster bed, coconut wood and rattan furniture and traditional glass paintings. For the ultimate in luxury, the Dalem Jiwo Suite comes with a private butler and two bedrooms which have steps descending down to a private 15-metre swimming pool.

The hypnotic sounds of gamelan resonate through the colonnaded restaurant. Amanjiwo’s garden and nearby farms supply most of the ingredients used in a range of Javanese and Indonesian specialities. 

The 40-metre swimming pool offers respite amid rice paddies and banyan trees. The spa is home to treatments informed by Javanese healing and beauty rituals handed down through generations.

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Why we recommend Amanjiwo

Framed by emerald-green rice plains and the peaks of the Menoreh Hills, Amanjiwo lies within view of the mystical stupas of Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s utterly tranquil, peaceful and soothing, and the perfect place just to relax and unwind in solitude. The swimming pool, spa, and the restaurant’s Indonesian specialities contribute to an overall feeling of wellbeing.

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