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Luxury Cambodia Holidays

From adventure to luxury, Khmer temples to French colonial elegance, welcoming locals and incredible landscapes – Cambodia is utterly intoxicating. Take a micro-light flight over jungle set ancient ruins, relax on pristine beaches at a sustainable luxury resort, and elephant trek through whispering bamboo forests.

The ancient creeper-clad temples of Angkor Wat, outside Siem Reap are Cambodia’s main attraction. Soak up the serene silence of an early morning visit or hop on a bike or a rickshaw to navigate the mesmerising ruins with a private guide.

Phnom Penh is a modern, globally-minded city, yet still retains a small-town feel, with traditional cyclos as a mode of transport and peaceful stilted villages lining the waterfront. Visit the Central Market and witness a hive of activity, with stalls offering flowers, jewellery, clothes, tropical fruit and electronics.

Prefer to step off the beaten track with a tailor-made Cambodia holiday? Further south, Cambodia’s coast offers even more charm and history. The riverside town of Kampot in southern Cambodia is famous for its rare peppers, and provides the perfect base to explore the historic Bokor Hill Station – the abandoned ruins of French colonial buildings, built as a mountain luxury resort in the early 1920s. Visit a  crab market in Kep, formerly a chic, upmarket 1960’s resort town.

Sihanoukville is a popular local beach destination and the jumping off point to the pristine sandy beaches, mangrove forests, offshore reefs and tiny islands of the Koh Rong archipelago. Stay at award-winning eco-luxury resort Song Saa which offers complete luxury with a sustainable focus.

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