Here are some of our favourite keepsakes that we have brought home from our travels


Tibetan Buddhist Bell & Dorje Set

I visited Tibet in May 2017 and really loved the Tibetan Buddhist bell and dorje sets that were being sold in the various markets. The dorje (which represents a thunderbolt) and the bell are held by the monks during prayer. Unfortunately, I procrastinated with my souvenir shopping and when I went to buy a set on my final day in Lhasa rolled, the items were nowhere to be found. The following month I was travelling through Mongolia and in a small market within the ancient capital of Kharkhorin, I came across a little old woman selling them. I snapped a set up immediately. I don’t really that I bought my set in Mongolia as it now reminds of both countries. – Nikki, Head of Business Development 


Beaded Rungu Club 

“When I was six, my parents visited Kenya and they brought back a Maasai beaded Rungu Club for me as a gift. The Maasai use them traditionally for hunting or warfare. Since then I’ve been fascinated by the different designs and beaded patterns of these clubs. I keep mine on the windowsill at home in case I need to go hunting! – Nico, co-founder