Luxury Holidays in Uganda

Known as the ‘Pearl of Africa,’ Uganda manages to pack quite a punch despite its relatively small size. This landlocked country in Eastern Africa is the source of the Nile, boasts serious wildlife-spotting opportunities, and is fast becoming a must-visit for adventurous travellers. On a luxury holiday to Uganda with Lightfoot Travel, we can customise an itinerary entirely to your needs.

As well as being able to witness leopard, lion, African buffalo and the African bush elephant, Uganda is also one of the best places in Africa to see mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, with the government taking great steps to protect and preserve the country’s unique wildlife ecosystem.

Our Travel Designers can help you discover the outer reaches of Uganda’s national parks on a safari alongside visits into the country’s verdant landscape, and to Africa’s largest lake - Lake Victoria - which borders Uganda as well as Kenya and Tanzania.

But it’s not all jungle hikes and dusty exploring; Uganda is a world-class luxury tour destination that boasts some seriously stylish hotels where you can drink, dine, and discover the country’s welcoming hospitality.

Inquisitive foodies will enjoy sampling Ugandan street food, where one of the most popular snacks is a “Rolex,” a chapatti with fried egg, tomatoes and cabbage. Or, for the more glamorously inclined, end a day in the jungle with a glass of fizz at one of the country’s outstanding colonial-style hotels.

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