Lamai Serengeti Serengeti

Witness the energy of the annual wildebeest migration from one of the best vantage points here at Lamai Serengeti. Structurally built to adapt to the iconic rocks of Kogakuria Kopje, the lodge is barely visible to the casual eye. Yet, inside, the complex topography of the kopjes makes this property a real haven for incredible panoramas of the surrounding landscapes.

Designed with preservation in mind, the 12 rooms in the Main and Private Lodge use canvas, plaster and natural poles extensively, soothing your senses with its clean lines, cream-and-whites and simple au natural beauty. There's an intimate bar and dining area, adjoined by a quaint library to make you feel at home.

Open-air, spacious verandas bring you close to nature as you enjoy the wilderness. Ending the day with sundowners on the highest spot in the kopjes or in your own natural rock swimming pool takes understated luxury to the next level.

Besides having as many as 1.5 million wildebeests crossing the Mara River elegantly dotting your doorstep, this dramatic location showcases a tranquil side of Serengeti with leopard and lion sightings in the rugged granite outcrops of the kopjes and the river lines.

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Why we recommend Lamai Serengeti

"Lamai Serengeti is perched atop a large rocky outcrop with endless views over the famous Serengeti plains and across into Kenya’s Masai Mara. A truly stunning place, it's bristling with wildlife year round. From July to October, this is the perfect spot to be as the great wildebeest migration makes its epic crossing across the treacherous Mara River."

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