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Luxury Holidays to Ethiopia

From the highlands of the Simien and Bale Mountains to the churches of Lalibela and the unique wildlife found roaming epic landscapes, Ethiopia is Africa’s most intriguing destination. A luxury holiday here is ideal for intrepid adventurers, wildlife enthusiasts and history lovers.

Africa’s oldest independent country, Ethiopia sits at the crossroads between East Africa and the Middle East. As the only African country to escape European colonisation, it offers a fascinating insight into the continent’s history, while Middle Eastern influences run throughout its culture and food.

Ethiopia’s landscape is perhaps Africa’s most misunderstood. This is no dry, featureless desert. The Ethiopian Highlands are often called the Roof of Africa. Trek at high altitude and witness lush, tangled forests, and steep rocky canyons, while down in Ethiopia’s Rift Valley you can witness vast, sparkling lakes.

The human story began in Ethiopia over 3.2 million years ago with Lucy, our oldest ancestor, while the traditions of Omo Valley tribes such as the Surmi, Afar, Anack, Mursi, Karo, Hamer and Nuer stretch back to ancient times. As one of Africa’s earliest Christian countries, Ethiopia is blessed with medieval monuments and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from the obelisks of Axum to the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, and the monasteries of Lake Tana.

Ethiopia has much to offer wildlife lovers. The rare Ethiopian wolf lives in the Bale Mountains, while gelada monkeys can only be seen in the Simien Mountains. Wild hyenas prowl in Harar, and the birdlife here is amongst the most diverse on the continent.

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