Join biologists from the Monk Seal Foundation and help tag and record the island’s endangered seals

Create holiday memories that you will hold on to for a very long time

The One That Helps Young Kids

What makes a meal twice as good? When you know that it’s a traditional dish made with fresh local ingredients and it has helped given underprivileged youth a kickstart for the future.  Haven in Siem Reap, Cambodia, is a non-profit restaurant that takes on 15 youngsters each year, and trains them in cooking and business skills. Word is that fans rave about their Khmer curry and pumpkin burger.


The One For Wildlife Lovers

Teeny wildlife fans are set to fall in love with the island of Lanai in Hawaii. Not only can they hike through lush countryside and snorkel the colourful reefs in the bays, but they can help rescue seals. The Four Seasons Lanai gives families the chance to join biologists from the Monk Seal Foundation and help tag and record the island’s endangered seals. Kids can also leave with the ultimate souvenir, a certificate and plush toy to prove that they’ve adopted a seal.

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The One Where You Go Back To School

Six Senses Yao Noi in Thailand prides itself on its work with the community and it gives its guests the chance to get involved. The resort can arrange for guests to visit the local school and even try their hand at running a lesson. Guests – both large and small – have taken part in storytelling sessions, sung songs, or even run a mini geography lesson as they have told them about their own country. One guest enjoyed it so much, she is said to have visited the island school every day of her holiday.

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The One Where You Create A Forest For The Future

Save one of the world’s most interesting cities by planting a tree. Donate any amount of money to Aron Environmental Foundation and it will go towards planting a tree in Hlawga Lake near Yangon. The Hlwaga Lake is a source of water for the city, but due to years of logging, the forest’s ability to affect the flow of the rivers and protect the lake has been compromised and the water supply is at risk.


The One Where You Help A Community

As soon as you put down your luggage at Kwandwe you are giving back. This luxe game reserve in the Eastern Cape runs numerous social enterprises designed to empower the local community. From opening schools to launching universities to backing local cooperatives, the resort supports endless ventures that help create a positive future for the people who are letting you enjoy their homeland.


And If You’re Already Back…

The One Where You Can Donate Your Miles

Put those unwanted air miles to good use – turn them into meals for children in India. The European travel scheme Miles&Miles will donate your air miles to charities in India or Africa who can they use the miles to pay for school fees or school meals. Just 5,000 air miles will provide 50 children in Africa with a school meal or a teacher’s wages for a month.

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