This doesn’t mean that it’s devoid of those little luxuries – it even has its own private cinema. Well, its owner is Hollywood director Francis Coppola after all.

Looking for an eco-friendly getaway? Here are 10 amazing lodges that will help you get your travel fix without leaving a huge footprint.

1 – Feynan Ecolodge, Jordan

Tucked away within Wadi Feynan you’ll find the candlelit Feynan Ecolodge. This 26-bedroom retreat was inspired by the caravanserai (rest stops for travellers). With solar-power and water coming from a local spring, you would be hard-pressed to believe that you’re in the desert.

Jordan_Wadi Rum_Feynan Ecolodge_Extra_1638

2 – Fundu Lagoon, Tanzania

If you ever fancied being Robinson Crusoe, this is the place to try it. Palm-fringed beaches and 18 thatched tents that can be found at the end of wooden walkways and sandy paths – this resort is a must-visit if you want to get away from it all.


3 – Misool, Indonesia

On the remote island of Raja Ampat you will find the tropical hideaway, Misool. Built entirely from reclaimed wood, 15 Balinese-style villages are scattered along the North and South lagoon. Watch turtles, manta rays and baby sharks from your overwater terrace, or take the plunge and scuba dive along one of the world’s most beautiful reefs.


4 – Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, Peruvian Amazon

Watch the sun go down over the Madre de Dios River from one of the world’s most picturesque eco-lodges – Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica that has been inspired by an Ese’ Eja village. Focusing on education, you can learn about your environment from the Rainforest Garden that the locals built around the lodges, take canoe trips along the river to find out more about the numerous birds that have made the river their home or take a noctural guided walk to see the jungle really come alive.


5 – Awasi Patagonia, Chile

Style is always discreet. Wrap yourself up in your alpaca blanket by your log burner and enjoy an uninterrupted view of the striking Atacama Desert from one of the 12 villas scattered around the Torres Del Paine National Park.

Awasi Atacama (89)


6 – Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

If the traditionally painted gers filled with furnishings created by local artisans didn’t stop you in your environmentalist tracks, the fact that the Three Camel Lodge uses solar power, recycles grey water and has planted 8,000 trees will.

banner - Three-Camel_Exterior_Lodge_IMG_9339.ngsversion.1474656881781.adapt.945.1

7 – DumaTau, Botswana

DumaTau may mean the ‘roar of the lion’, but when it comes to leaving a global footprint, it’s as quiet as a mouse. Tucked away in the Linyanti Nature Reserve you will find 10 luxury tents with sliding doors, which have been raised on stilts to over dramatic river views. The team at DumaTau work with the government on conservation projects to make sure that we can enjoy this view for a little longer.

8 – Turtle Inn, Belize

Solar power, catching rainwater, coral conservation programs and mangrove restoration are just some of the eco-friendly steps that have been taken by this island getaway. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s devoid of those little luxuries – it even has its own private cinema. Well, its owner is Hollywood director Francis Coppola after all.


9 – Hapuku Lodge And Tree Houses, New Zealand

When you’re based in a Green Globe certified community you need to rise to the eco challenge, and that’s exactly what Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses has done. Not only did they use reclaimed timber to help build the property, but they’ve created an organic kitchen garden, and due to some serious recycling efforts they are aiming to be a zero waste resort too.

Back of all Tree Houses

10 – Lapa Rios Eco Lodge, Costa Rica

Lapa Rios is more than just an eco lodge, it’s an eco warrior. Its owners John and Karen Lewis signed a conservation easement, which stated that they will help protect the 900 acres of rainforest that surround the property.

Lapa Rios

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