Yazd is an ancient mudbrick town with a meandering maze of lanes, and thought to be one of the oldest towns in the world.

The locals still live within these old walls, their impressive courtyards opening-up from unassuming entrances, with some offering beautiful tea houses as an escape from the sun. Ask your guide to take you to one with a good rooftop in which to snap the impressive skyline dotted with the blue roofs of the Mosques. It also makes for a fabulous breezy spot for your camel stew dinner! With most foreigners staying in the traditional houses to really experience a little piece of history themselves, tourists must be warned that the standard of accommodation is generally lower here although no less romantic.

With Yazd placed as a centre of commerce back in the 13th Century, it has flourished with silk, textile and carpet production – the perfect place to grab yourself an authentic and reasonably priced rug. Make sure you bring your best bargaining skills though.

The water system is also very impressive in this region. For over 2000 years Iranians have been digging underwater channels to irrigate crops and supply drinking water for its population. Yazd still relies on this system and the many water reserves across the town are not only impressive, but offer a much welcome break from the desert heat.

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