Yangon is today Myanmar's biggest city and the site of the awe-inspiring pure-gold Shwedagon Pagoda.

Legend has it that the Shwedagon Pagoda is 2,500 years old, beginning with the tale of two Burmese merchant brothers who were tasked to enshrine Buddha’s eight hairs in a structure no-less than holy and awe-inspiring. Visible from almost anywhere in the city, Shwedagon is a heart-stopping sight and ideal to visit in the last rays of sunlight in the cooler temperatures of the evening. This holy site is also testament to the stout faith of the Buddhist Myanmese, one will always see steady flow of offerings brought to various shrines in the complex.

While a rapidly-developing city brought on as the international gateway to the country recently freed from its military rule, much of this city’s charm stems from its inherently vibrant streetlife. Rangoon surfaces in the preserved colonial architecture which invites a leisurely stroll on the waterfront.

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Belmond Orcaella

Yangon, Myanmar/Burma

Launched in July 2013, this new luxury river cruiser from Belmond Hotels offers travellers the perfect vantage point from which to explore Myanmar, a country emerging as one of the hottest n…

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Sule Shangri-La Yangon

Yangon, Myanmar/Burma

In the heart of Myanmar’s capital, lies the Sule Shangri-La Yangon, formerly Traders Yangon, conveniently located in the central business, cultural and shopping district of Yangon. The hot…

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The Strand

Yangon, Myanmar/Burma

Built in 1901, this three-story Victorian hotel was once one of the most luxurious hotels in the British Empire. It is now an all-suite, top-of-the-range boutique hotel located in Myanmar's…

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