Wadi Rum & Dana Nature Reserve


“Vast, echoing and godlike…” is how Lawrence of Arabia described Wadi Rum, the largest wadi in Jordan and its most epic landscape.

Leaping from the pages of the Old Testament, Wadi Rum – sculptured by the swirling wind – is a spellbindingly beautiful place; it offers some of the most spectacular desertscapes you’re likely to see.

Its vast oceans of orange sand are strewn with reddish and earthy-hued rock arches and pillars, winding canyons and ravines. Stacks of layered sandstone tower over undulating dunes, some tattooed with B.C-era petroglyphs. Low-lying rocky mountains lie in the background like slumbering giants.

The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, named after Lawrence’s autobiography, is a striking geological formation that is definitely required viewing. There’s plenty of adventure to be had too, from rock climbing in the mountains, to jeep and a camel safaris, to scenic hot air balloon trips. Stop for tea with local Bedouin tribes as part of your tour, while at night you’ll stay in a luxurious tented camp beneath a galaxy of stars.

Nearby lies Dana Nature Reserve – Jordan’s largest – where human presence can be traced back as far as 6,000 years. Dana is one of Jordan’s hidden gems with over 100 archaeological sites and a remarkably diverse ecosystem with many rare species of animal and plant life. The magnificent lost city of Petra is around a two hour drive from Wadi Rum.

Like T.E. Lawrence, Lightfoot’s Jordan specialists are extensively travelled in the region. They’ll use their own knowledge to design an unforgettable luxury tour to your exact requirements!

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Bespoke Hideaways

Jordan, Wadi Rum & Dana Nature Reserve

Remote and secluded, Bespoke Hideaways is a luxurious and tranquil Bedouin-style tented camp set in Wadi Rum, a magnificent red desert in Jordan. Surrounded by dramatic scenery, this eco-fri…

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Feynan Eco Lodge

Jordan, Wadi Rum & Dana Nature Reserve

Situated in the magnificent Wadi Feynan within the Dana Biosphere Reserve, the largest reserve in Jordan, Feynan Ecolodge is a remote and charming environmentally sustainable retreat. Hailed…

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