Tibet is one of the least-travelled places on the planet, a fact that makes it almost irresistible to fearless adventurers and wanderers with a curious heart. The magnificent monasteries, turquoise lakes, and remote cliffside retreats sit 13,000 feet above sea level, making the land home to the highest mountain (Everest), one of the highest lakes (the Lhagba Pool), and the highest railway in the world.

Get swept away in the Barkhor, a pilgrim circuit that winds around the Jokhang Temple in the capital city of Lhasa. Feel the fresh sprinkling of holy water in a temple protected by the gods. Walk through the 1000 rooms of Potala Palace, once the seat of the Tibetan government and the winter residence of the Dalai Lamas. Visit Buddhist temples and monasteries, feeling your body hum with the sound of the chanting monks. Scale the heights of Everest, where the lessened oxygen won’t be the only thing to take your breath away.

Despite challenging travel restrictions, a new crop of airports, boutique hotels, and infrastructure, are paving the way for Tibetan travel in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago, so don’t wait, set off in search of adventure today and experience this incredible land while it’s still untouched.

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Tibet Itineraries

The Highlights of Tibet

China, Tibet

Tibet is very much a place that should be visited sooner rather than later. It is a staggeringly beautiful region with dramatic landscapes, centuries-old sacred sites and wonderful people. B…

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Tibet Properties

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St Regis Lhasa

China, Tibet

The St Regis Lhasa is a stunning hotel soaked in Tibetan traditional culture. The imposing façade creates a perfect backdrop for your Himalayan adventure from the moment you step into the h…

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