The steamy jungle-state of Sarawak is part of the island of Borneo, with neighbouring Malaysian state, Sabah, to the east. It’s the largest Malaysian state, almost entirely made up of dense rainforest, and a world-renowned destination for luxury eco holidays. Famously, it’s home to the orang-utan, among the most endangered and intelligent of all primates.

The rainforests of Borneo – including Sarawak – are the oldest on the planet at an estimated 130 million years. Their beauty is immense; it’s a wild land of deep unexplored jungle, bisected by countless snaking rivers, where traditional longhouse boats are still seen floating on the current. Offshore lie uninhabited islands, ringed by untouched sandy beaches.

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, just 19km from the capital Kutching, is one of the best places to see the orang-utans. They roam freely in the sanctuary, but you’ll always catch a glimpse of these shy creatures at feeding time. Kubah National Park is also home to several orang-utans; it’s reached by a 3-4 hour jungle trek along the Ulu Raya Trail.

A luxury nature lodge allows you to stay in the heart of Sarawak’s rainforest. Meanwhile, your tailor-made itinerary will include the famous jungle canopy walks and wildlife tours. Baku National Park is the oldest in Sarawak, home to abundant wildlife and stunning terrain that consists of thundering waterfalls, secluded beaches and jungle trails.

The vast caverns Unesco-certified Mulu Caves – hidden by jungle – also remain one of Sarawak’s most treasured natural attractions. For a touch of culture, head to Sarawak Cultural Village, which has been described as a “living museum”.

The extraordinary natural gifts of Sarawak are not only found in the rainforests. They extend in to the surrounding tropical waters, home to kaleidoscopic coral reefs, teeming with turtles, reef sharks, and all manner of strange and beautiful fish.

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