Welcome to India’s most compelling city – a riotous carnival of sound, colour and culture. From Bollywood studios to vibrant Dharavi shantytowns, and glittering skyscrapers to crumbling colonial facades – this India’s great city of contradictions, a bewildering feast for its visitors that never fails to surprise.

Sitting on the Arabian Sea, the city, once known as Bombay, offers visitors an incredible smorgasbord of experiences. The prospect of embarking on a tour of a city with close to 22 million people may sound daunting, but Lightfoot’s India team know the city well and will ensure everything is smooth and enjoyable for you.

Like in any mega metropolis, Mumbai is the heart of fine arts, culture and entertainment so museums, galleries, theatres and of course, Bollywood are already and waiting. Delectable dishes at some of India’s finest Michelin restaurants can be found downtown, along with world class shopping. Although we enjoy eating at our favourite local restaurants, and exploring the technicolor spice markets just as much!

To experience a different side to Mumbai, we can arrange for you to visit the shantytowns made famous in Slumdog Millionaire, we believe to be among the most vibrant and interesting parts of the city.

Mumbai is the perfect gateway to the beaches of Goa and the deserts of Rajasthan, and we definitely recommend stopping here if you plan to visit either. Lightfoot Travel’s highly-experienced consultants design unique tailor-made tours using their own travels as inspiration.

We offer impartial advice on the best places to stay in the city. And in the spirit of the Raj, accommodation here is rather opulent, both in colonial and ultra-luxury modern styles – and you may feeling a little like a Maharaja staying here!

Mumbai Itineraries