Capital of Japan for more than 1100 years, Kyoto's modern facade upkeeps the pace of life with the rest of this ultra-developed country, yet its true beauty lies in its wonderfully preserved pockets of ancient Japan.

Spared from the bombings that befell the rest of Japan in WWII, its hundreds of tranquil temples, serene gardens, and quaint alleyways among which the exclusive geisha culture thrived, are a joy to amble along. The city is also a concentration of age-old fine arts such as Ikebana flower arranging, origami, bonsai and earthenware pottery which you may choose to try your hand at during your time in the city. Lightfoot also arranges special experiences such as tea ceremonies with geishas and dining experiences at little-known restaurants.

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Kyoto, Japan

This luxury boutique hotel is nestled on the banks of the Oigawa River in the beautiful Arashiyama district, in Japan’s former capital, Kyoto. HOSHINOYA Kyoto combines ancient traditions w…

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Hotel Granvia Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan

This luxury hotel is situated in the futuristic Kyoto Station complex, an architectural masterpiece that includes a museum, a shopping mall and a variety of restaurants. Hotel Granvia Kyoto …

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