With Costa Rica once again named the ‘Happiest Nation on Earth’, we invite you to discover what makes this tropical region so special.

Latin America is a somewhere that stirs the soul and it’s a great passion of the Lightfoot team. We aim to share our passion with you through our extraordinary tailor-made tours.

Witness a new dawn for Cuba first-hand as relations with the US finally thaw, take a yacht island-hopping through the Caribbean, or take a dip in Mexico‘s splendid cenotes. Visit lesser-known destinations like Belize and Guatemala, home to Mayan ruins, mountains and rainforests and Spanish colonial towns.

Lightfoot work with only the finest properties, from eco-retreats to luxury beach resorts. Enquire with Latin America Travel Designer, Olie, for more information on tailor-made luxury tours.

Central America Suggestions


The country invites exploration, from the bustle of its historical capital Belize City to the evoca…

Costa Rica

It’s easy to see why Costa Rica has carved a niche for itself as an adventure and eco tour hotspo…


NOTE: Cuba is currently in huge demand and the best properties can fill up quickly. We highly rec…


Only a tiny amount of Guatemala is urbanised, but its cities still pack a punch. Political centre G…

Central America Itineraries

Classic Cuba

Cuba Beaches, Havana, Cuba

Cuba has always held the imagination of intrepid travellers, and there is no better time than the present to visit. Situated in the beautiful Caribbean, the capital Havana has been declared…

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