British Virgin Islands


Have you ever fantasized about sailing across warm waters on a private boat and hopping on and off islands to stock up on fresh fruit and other tropical treasures? The BVIs are a collection of heavenly tropical islands, the yachting capital of the world and home to some of our favourite luxury retreats.

Located on the outer cusp of the grand Caribbean archipelago, the British Virgin Islands consist of more than 40 islands, of which only several are inhabited. The BVIs are famous for offering visitors are true taste of escape and adventure, as you have so much freedom in sailing between the islands.

There is a spirit of the sea that is unique to the British Virgin Islands and therefore it’s quite appropriate that one will have no trouble gaining access to some type of vessel. From celebrity style yachts to humble, tasteful sailing skips, it’s almost for certain that you’ll cruise about the seas at some point during your stay.

Of course, the beaches and countryside of the British Virgin Islands are just as gorgeous as any you’ll find around the Caribbean. It’s far less developed than its neighboring nation, the US Virgin Island but for some this is a definite plus.

The resorts, villas, and boutique hotels are more isolated but thereby more intimate and so it’s often a perfect choice for those craving peace and quiet. So why not sail away with Lightfoot Travel and experience the ultra-luxurious seaside lifestyle of the BVIs!

British Virgin Islands Properties

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Necker Island

British Virgin Islands

Situated in the unspoilt British Virgin Islands, Necker Island, a stunning 74-acre private-island paradise belonging to Sir Richard Branson. This ultimate tropical escape is surrounded by sp…

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