Boracay has won so many awards, there’s a mantelpiece shortage on the island. If you’ve ever looked at a Philippines' travel brochure and witnessed a scene of tropical beach heaven unfold on the pages, where brilliant white sands stretch off to the turquoise horizon or shelve into impossibly clear waters, that’s Boracay. Or at least 9 times out of 10 it is.

As word got out of the island’s sublime beauty, fame and adulation followed closely behind. It’s true to say Boracay is no shrinking violet and there’s always plenty going on at night, although the island’s true essence of blissful relaxation could never be lost. The island itself is nothing more than a tiny dot off the northwest coast of Panay.

There are lots of heavenly beaches in Boracay. You could close your eyes, spin, and point and find a pristine stretch of pearly-white sands every time. The A-list star of the show, however, is White Beach, considered by many connoisseurs to be among the best beaches on the planet.

It stretches for around 4km, and is 100 metres wide at its broadest point. The sands are fine and talcum powdery, the water is totally transparent and wonderful for snorkelling and diving; ranks of stooped palm trees and lush tropical foliage run alongside it. Parts of the beach are quite lively, with some cool beach bars and restaurants. We’ll have you staying in a beautiful luxury hotel, just back from the beach, with a really tranquil atmosphere.

All kinds of water sports go on at the beach and a there are amazing sailing trips. Although if you’re really into windsurfing or kitesurfing, you’ll want to head out to Bulabog Beach out on the east coast, which is one of the best spots in Asia. There are some lovely peaceful retreats in the north, like the idyllic Banyugan Beach, which – to use an industry term – is more barefoot luxury.

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