Bayan Ölgii & Western Mongolia


If Mongolia is one of the last untamed frontiers, then western Mongolia and Bayan Ölgii are practically off the map. Welcome to the edge of the earth; a wild landscape characterised by rugged mountains, awe-inspiring glaciers, and shimmering salt lakes.

Explore on foot, horse, or camel and immerse yourself in a patchwork of ethnic groups, from the Kazakhs, Dörvöds, and Khotons to the Myangads and Khalkh Mongols. The traditional art of eagle hunting is still in practice here, and those wishing to learn more can stay with a local hunter and get up close to these majestic birds. There are incredible opportunities for trekkers and climbers on peaks that rise to over 4000m. Travel can be unreliable, but for those willing to embrace the unknown, the once-in-a-lifetime experience of western Mongolia will outweigh any challenges you have in getting there.  

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