National Geographic celebrates its 125th anniversary of photographing Africa by gathering together some of its favourite shots in a new tome. Here are just some of the images.


1964 – Jane Goodall has a close encounter with Flint, an 11-month-old chimpanzee among the group that the celebrated primatologist studied at the Gombe Stream Reserve in western Tanzania for the better part of six decades. Photography by Hugo Van Lawick.



1968 – A Kenyan farmer and his cow climb a hill near Kisii on land that he might well own, since after independence in 1963 the new government had bought some of the parcels and resold them to native smallholders. Photography by Bruce Dale.



2001 – As graceful under water as the fish it swims among, a hippo courses through Kenya’s marvellous Mzima Springs, an Edenic oasis in the midst of Tsavo National Park. Tiny fish, the photographers were the first to discover, each specialised in cleaning various parts of the “river horse’s” anatomy. Photography by Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone.



2002 – Lounging beneath ancient heath trees, gelada baboon bachelors gang up until the day when they will turn against each other in the competition for females. Photography by Michael K Nichols.



1981 – A young goatherd pipes a tune in the wastes of the Sinai Desert. Wild and rugged, this no-man’s-land was really home only to wandering Beduoin tribes. Photography: David Doubilet



National Geographic Around The World In 125 Years, Africa, Taschen, USD$70.

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