What could be more luxurious than a spa treatment that is only available 12 times a year?

Let’s face it, sometimes a full body massage just won’t do. You need pearls, jade and a Full Moon!


The One Under A Full Moon

Maia Resort & Spa, Seychelles

What could be more luxurious than a spa treatment that is only available 12 times a year? Maia Resort & Spa, the hillside hideaway in the Seychelles will take couples to the highest vantage point on the island to offer them the Full Moon Massage. This luxurious treatment as you might have guessed takes place under the ephemeral glow of the Full Moon. Instant calmness guaranteed.


The One With Pearls

Burj Al Arab, UAE

Collagen, oxygen and precious pearl extracts from Japan are combined within this facial to reinvigorate your mien. After two hours of pampering during the Burj Pearl Touch Experience you should be left with a healthy glow and elasticity in your skin.


The One With Six Hands

Trisara, Thailand

Sometimes two hands just won’t do. You need six believe the therapists at this picturesque spa in Thailand. With the Royal Trisara Six Hand Massage, three therapists spend 90 minutes pummelling your muscles back to life with the help of traditional Thai massage, Swedish massage and acupressure.


The One With Jade

Mandarin Oriental New York, USA

The Mandarin Oriental turns to the East for inspiration for its Jade Stone Facial. Cleansing creams are boosted with healing TCM ingredients and jade is used to help sculpt and lift your skin so that that it is left toned and glowing.


The One In The Sea

One&Only Hayman Island, Australia

Forget about listening to a soundtrack of piped waves. At the One&Only Hayman Island your spa bed will be placed in the surf. You will have botanical oils massaged into your body, while waves lap on the shore.



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