With the Himalayas as a backdrop, you know that this stress-busting holiday has got to be off to a good start

We’ve found seven holidays that guarantee you will come back from your break feeling better than ever


Best For Beating Life’s Ups And Downs

Emotional Balance & Freedom Retreat, Kamalaya, Thailand

Three of the gurus from the award-winning spa will help give you the tools you need bounce back. During the seven-day retreat you will receive personal mentoring sessions plus some super relaxing massages.


Best For Kickstarting A Fitness Regime

Be Active,COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali

Switch off the TV, jump off the couch and book this fun step-up to fitness. During the programme you will have the chance to have a wellness consultation, personal training session and take part in a special guided fitness challenge. The amount of sessions on offer depend on the length of your stay. But each trip also includes a 60-minute massage to help ease those muscles back to life.


Best For Catching The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Sleep With Six Senses, multiple locations

Nothing gets your day off to a bad start than a poor night’s sleep. Six Senses has created a created an optimal sleep programme by combining bedding that boosts those zzz’s, sleep sensors that track how many times you wake during the night and a Sound + Sleep Ecotones Machine that fills the air with sound profiles that make you relax.


Best For Healthy Eating

Raw Food Diet, The Farm, Philippines

This vegetarian getaway uses produce straight from its organic garden to create award-winning meals for its guests. Apart from offering juice diet and nutrition consultations, they also offer healthy food prep classes so that you can learn how to recreate these dishes when you go back home.


Best For Hitting Optimal Weight

Optimal Weight programme, Gleneagles, Scotland

Whether you’re underweight or overweight, the therapists at help put you on the right track with a four day or seven-day programme. With the help of a lifestyle analysis they will look at emotional, biochemical and endocrine reasons for any weight gain or loss and put together a programme to help you reach short and long-term goals.


Best For Stress Busting

Ananda Stress Management Programme, Ananda Spa, Himalayas

With the Himalayas as a backdrop, you know that this stress-busting holiday has got to be off to a good start. However, the therapists at Ananda have put together a fully-rounded programme of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda techniques to help reduce and manage stress and create some balance in your life.


Best For Blasting Headaches

Cranial Relief, Chiva Som, Thailand

If you suffer from migraines and annoying headaches, Chiva Som has put together a battle plan to help put you more at ease. With the help of yoga, massage and nutrient-rich foods they are determined to help you wave goodbye to headaches and put a smile back on your face.

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