The idea is to iron clothes while being placed in adverse situations

If you are still questioning why solo synchronized swimming ever made it into the Olympics – take a look at the weirdest sports in the world… says Clara Tan


Fireball Soccer
This one’s for soccer fans who are looking for something to give them an extra spark – literally. Sepak Bola Api, or The Fireball Game, is played by Indonesians to welcome the month of Ramadan. All the regular football rules apply, except for one major difference – they set fire to the ball. They soak a coconut in kerosene for seven days, and then set light to it. Strangest sports injury alert: you play it in bare feet.


Xtreme Ironing
Make ironing less mundane – take it into the great outdoors. With this sport, contestants practise their ironing in caves, underwater, or while jumping out of planes. Invented in the 1990s in England, the idea is to iron clothes while being placed in adverse situations. Now it’s not hard to see why this is viewed as one of the world’s strangest sports.

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Cheese Rolling
On the top of Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester, England every Spring Bank holiday, you’ll spot a pretty rare sight – people chasing after cheese. Known as the ‘Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake’, this traditional village game has now turned into a world-famous event. The aim of the game is to chase after a 9lb round cheese that the Master of Ceremonies rolls down the hill. The winner, of course, wins the tasty dairy product all to him or herself.

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This game’s a perfect combination of both brawn and brains. Invented by Dutch performance artist Lepe Rubingh, he was inspired to fuse chess and boxing together after spotting it in the 1992 comic Froid Equateur. Players battle it out with alternating rounds of both sports, with a fight consisting of six rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing.


First originated in Finland in 1992, wife carrying is now also practiced in Australia, USA and Hong Kong. The objective of the game is for a male teammate to carry a female teammate through an obstacle track in the fastest time possible. In this case, the term ‘no pain, no gain’ doesn’t apply as all participants are required to enjoy themselves. The coveted prize? A jug of beer depending on the female’s weight.

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Juggling Triathlon
Most people would know what a triathlon is, but a juggling triathlon? Maybe not. Even the most enthusiastic of sports fans might need extra time to perfect this sport. Similar to a regular triathlon, players complete all three legs of swimming, cycling and running whilst juggling. In any point the balls are dropped, you pick them up and continue to the end. Think it’s impossible? Triathlon Juggling World Record holder Joe Salter did it in less than two hours.


Tuk Tuk Polo
A brand new sport invented just this year in Sri Lanka. The sport involves players riding on tuk tuks to score goals. Each tuk tuk consists of a driver to pilot the vehicle and two other players responsible for striking the ball using a short mallet.

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