Dusty, red, blisteringly hot on summer days and dotted with ancient carvings, Wadi Rum is an otherworldly desert

Famed hiker Cam Honan showcases some of the best walks in the world in his new book Wanderlust

“When we choose to walk rather than fly or drive, something wonderful happens: our awareness and appreciation of the natural world begins to grow. It can be the faint sound of a gently meandering stream, the distinct smell of decaying leaves on a crisp autumn morning, or even a bowl of cereal that never tasted better than when eaten on a mountaintop at sunrise,” says author Cam Honan in the new book Wanderlust. The famed walker has gathered together the world’s best treks in one breathtaking coffee table book. He takes you from the waterfalls of Iceland to the peaks of Chile, offering useful tips about the treks along the way. Here are just some of the shots that won us over…


Photography: MAX MÜNCH

“Dusty, red, blisteringly hot on summer days and dotted with ancient carvings, Wadi Rum is an otherworldly desert. The area’s natural wonders, along with its many rock carvings and inscriptions, led to it being designated a UNESCO protected site in 2005.” – Cam Honan



Photography: VIKTOR POSNOV

“Hiking in the Arthur Range is an exercise in patience, perseverance and meteorological faith. Those afforded an extended stretch of fine conditions will consider themselves very fortunate to witness some of the finest mountain scenery on the planet.” – Cam Honan





“Mount Assiniboine is Canada’s answer to the Matterhorn. Viewing Assiniboine’s majestic reflection in the crystal clear waters of Lake Magog rates as one of the highlights of a trail that covers some of North America’s most pristine wildernesses and includes glaciers, snowcapped mountains and wildflower meadows.”  – Cam Honan




Photography: Edith Jolly DeGuzman

“When experienced hikers sit around the campfire and talk about the world’s most beautiful pathways, the John Muir Trail is invariably one of the first names mentioned.” – Cam Honan




Stretching between Landmannalaugar and Thorsmork, this renowned trail takes in lava fields, multi-coloured rhyolite mountains, black-sand deserts, steaming vents and glaciers – not to mention the soothing multi-temperature natural springs. The diversity is astonishing.” – Cam Honan


Wanderlust, Copyright Gestalten 2017. USD$60, shop.gestalten.com



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