When is sushi not sushi? When it comes in a burrito or a cone

Foodies looking for an excuse to travel should check out some of the tastiest trends happening around the globe

Galaxy Donuts


Iranian food creative Hedi Gh wowed the world when she launched her cosmic confections. Hedi had seen the rest of the world play with the galaxy sweet theme, so one day she decided to try her hand at creating Galaxy Donuts. The result left everyone opened mouthed and ready for more out of this world creations.


Flying Noodles


Harry Potter isn’t a patch on the Hana Restaurant in Singapore. These innovative chefs are creating magic every night, serving up flying noodles to guests. Okay, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out how they do it, but who cares?

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Sushi Cones


When is sushi not sushi? When it comes in a burrito or a cone. The Rolltation team in Toronto has taken the junk food favourites, but made them a whole lot healthier by switching fried chicken with salmon, shrimp or wasabi.




NYC bistro took milkshakes to the next level when they launched Freakshakes. These sweet confections are a drink and dessert all in one. No surprise that these gravity defying drinks that are covered in cookies and candy come with an equally large calorie count – each one is said to be 1600 calories.


Raindrop Cake


Another Stateside confection that is causing a storm is the Raindrop Cake by New York chef Darren Wong. Inspired by the Japanese dessert called Mizu Shingen Mochi, this nutty tasting agar jelly is now having diners go crazy for translucent food.

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