[It] has inspired an award-winning Italian winemaker, Famiglia Pasqua, to produce an intense red wine perfect for young lovers

We asked wine guru James Hindle of Singapore wine retailer Pop Up Wine, to give us some of his favourite tipples for Valentine’s

Famiglia Pasqua ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Passione e Sentimento 2012

Veneto, Italy

The most famous love story committed to paper is unquestionably that of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Every day thousands of love-struck visitors to Verona leave sentimental notes on a wall beneath a balcony where Juliet is said to have been wooed by Romeo. This wall has now become famous in its own right, and has inspired an award-winning Italian winemaker, Famiglia Pasqua, to produce an intense red wine perfect for young lovers.  The bottle includes an image of the famous wall, shot by Giò Martorana, a famous Italian photographer. Thinking of cooking an Italian dish for your loved one on Valentines?  This wine would be the perfect partner.


Mirabeau Cotes de Provence Rose 2015

Provence, France

If your loved one doesn’t like flowers – how about a bottle of rose instead? The plus points being that not only will she be wowed with your creativity, but unlike florists, wine merchants don’t increase the price of rosé in early February. Go for this award-winning wine, which is a blend of wild strawberry, red cherry, raspberry aromatics ad refreshing acidity.


Mojo Moscato 2014


Valentine’s Day is not an evening for excessive refreshment – should you over indulge, your loved one will almost certainly mention this throughout the rest of the year. A fun wine option might therefore be a bottle of delightful low-alcohol pink Moscato – a sweet, slightly bubbly wine, with peach and orange characteristics, that few can’t help but love. Moscato pairs beautifully with Szechuan, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.  It has a high level of residual sugar, which lends well to use as a dessert wine.


Dumangin Le Vintage 1er Cru 2004

Champagne, France

Champagne is intrinsically associated with celebration, and is therefore a superb choice when celebrating your love this Valentine’s Day. Demonstrate your originality by popping open a bottle of vintage champers.  Vintage champagne is not necessarily aged wine – instead the term means that it is made from the grapes of only one year’s harvest.  Most champagnes are non-vintage, and made from the grapes of multiple years (called vintages in the wine trade).  This is the reason the letters “NV” appear on most bottles.  Vintage champagne is only produced in years in which there is a superb harvest. One that you need to try is Dumangin Le Vintage 1er Cru that has notes of lemon, honey and orange. Delicious.

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